Cinema one card

The Cinema One Card is your pass way to technology and fun. All in one! You accumulate points, participate to lucky draws and contests and get the latest information on the Cinema One movies and shows.

Terms and conditions!

How to get it?

You can fill in the online form and send it to us via email: and at your first visit to the Cinema, request it from the consession area, or come to our box office and fill in the printed form, based on which you will receive your personal card with 1 year validity period.


Cinema One is a special construction, as it stands on the place of a former plane factory, where a team of specialists designed and delivered before the Second World War – the IAR 80, a low-wing, monoplane fighter and ground-attack aircraft, comparable to contemporary designs such as the British Hawker Hurricane, and the American Curtiss …

Cinema One Brasov launches the mobile app that brings you constant access to your account information and the ability to check the status of your bookings and orders directly from your cell phone. Using the app, you’ll be able to book your seat for every movie you want, to buy tickets, to confirm your bookings …