Faci sau taci
  • Faci sau taci
  • 15.03.2019
  • 15.03.2019
  • 2D
  • Regular
  • Comedy
  • 100 minutes
  • General audience ( AG )
  • Augustin Viziru, Levent Sali, Catalin Cazacu, Codin Maticiuc, Diana Dumitrescu, Sandra Izbasa, Horia Brenciu
  • Iura Luncasu
  • “Do or Shut Up” brings to the forefront the networks of live smugglers, who have this time taken alarming proportions. An atypical group, without names, without identity, works in Romania and serves neighboring countries. Nothing funny up here. But when some Romanian officials receive a visit to Spain and have to set up a special mission, and their Spanish consists of Hola, Mamacita, Shakira, Pique, things get complicated. We’re on a mission, but what’s that?
    Good luck that there are also competent people. The mission is about to begin. A six-faced squad of special forces, ministers, commissioners, a puzzled driver, a hidden identity offender, a cowardly coward, all are moving.
    The operation camp is set up and the plan is applied: the girls, who handle arms as well as they handle the lipstick, have to go deep under cover in a semi-brothel, a conspiratorial transit house where hostages are held on the road to Russia, or Serbia.