Terms and conditions


The following are strictly forbidden in the cinema:

  1. Filming or taking photos
  2. Access with photo camera/ video. For the entire duration of movies, they will be handed over to the service supervisor.
  3. Smoking of any kind
  4. Access with large luggage
  5. Access with beverages or products that are not purchased form Cinema One bar
  6. Using the mobile phone after starting the movie
  7. Access with pets
  8. To deliberately destroy the cinema property, including to stand with your feet on the chairs.
  9. Access in restricted areas.
  10. In case of violation one of these rules, you are asked to leave the cinema without the return of the tickets or purchased products.

We inform you that the cinema has special closet for products that aren’t purchased from the cinema or large luggage.


1. Access for the hall of cinema is made only with 10 minutes before the show starts.

2. Reservations are canceled automatically from the system with 30 minutes before the show starts, in case they have not been paid.

3. Cinema One is not responsible for forgotten or lost objects.

4. From objective reasons, we reserve the right to make changes to the movie schedule.

5. For the updated schedule, check out the electric panels from the cinema or the online schedule, accessing or the mobile application Cinema One.

6. Please check with attention the movie rating before choosing to see it. The movie rating have to match your age.

AG- General Audience

AP 12 – Parental agreement for children under 12

N 15- not recommended for children under 15

IM 18 – forbidden for minors under 18

7. Movies that are running in the PREVIEW system, do not submit to promotions and discounts in progress ( except Orange Film and purchases made through mobile application Cinema One) .

8. In case of discounts for students/ retirees, this quality must be proven by presenting an ID card or bead pension, available for the current year. Otherwise, the discount will not be granted.

9. Before leaving the sale point, please make sure that the data printed on your tickets matches your requirements. No further complaints are accepted.

10. Please check your change before leaving the ticket point.

11. We inform you that the cinema and its surrounding are equipped with surveillance cameras.

12. The tickets prices are according to the date and time of the show, not to the date and time you buy them.

13. When you select the desired seats, please keep in mind that the system doesn’t allow you to leave one seat free near your selection.

14. All the reservations unclaimed will be canceled with 30 minutes before the show starts. For the movies that start at 10:30 am the reservations will be canceled with 10 minutes before the show. Please consider the possibility of crowding at the ticket point.

15. Canceling card transactions may take up to 30 days, depending on the giving bank. In case of tickets purchased online, the refund can be made only on the day of transaction.

16. Cinema One does not sell alcoholic drink to minors.

17. In case of fire, earthquake or any other emergency, please keep your calm and follow the instruction given by the cinema staff.

18. We inform you that Cinema One have special points for reserved tickets, clients that made an online reservation or by phone, and special points only for products.  Cinema One reserve the right to open or close these points depending on the daily flow of costumers.

19. Only 40% of the movie hall capacity is available for reservation, online or by phone. The rest of 60% can be purchased online or from the cinema cash desk.

20. Any online transaction must be completed within 15 minutes of accessing the payment processor platform or it will be canceled automatically.

21. We inform you that the online reservations are metered and at a number of 5 unapproved reservations your IP and email address will be automatically blocked from our system, so you will no longer be available to take advantage of this service.

22. The confirmation email for a booking or purchase of tickets will detail the transaction and will send you the unique reference number. One the confirmation has been sent, the tickets can’t be reimbursed. Cinema One is not responsible if the costumer has chosen the wrong movie/ date/ hour/ seats.

23. Cinema One Romania prices include TVA (value added tax), contribution for Romanian Red Cross (Crucea Rosie Romana – 1%) and Cinematic Stamp (2%).

24. To be able to make online payments on the Cinema One website by credit/ debit card, the client must provide the following data: the name of the cardholder, card number, card security code and expiration date of the card. Online payments on the Cinema One site are made through Mobil Pay.  For payments the following cards are accepted: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.

25. People with disabilities will benefit from the release of a customized card, which by simply presenting this and the identity act will further facilitate free access at Cinema One for severely and accentuated disabled people by vigilance laws. Exceptions are made at previews and alternative shows. The only condition is to sell at least one ticket at the chosen movie.

26. Ticket holders with reduced rates are required to provide proof of the social status under which they purchased the tickets before entering the cinema. In the above situation, in the case of persons who do not prove the status (as the case may be), Cinema One reserves the right not to allow them to the cinema, considering that they acted in bad faith and attempted to obtain material benefit at the expense of Cinema One’s interests. This approach comes as an additional security measure to protect the online security purchase.

27. Tickets cancellation must be done with at least 30 minutes before the movie starts, presenting the tickets and the receipt.

28. Tickets cancellation bought improperly from Cinemagia will be done through them.

( Mobile Phone: 031 805 77 85 – E-mail: )

29. Children will pay tickets from age of 3.

30. Movies are preceded by advertisements and trailers, the advertising can last 15 minutes.



The data provided by customers are strictly confidential. SC EBS CINEMA SERVICES SRL engages in front of its clients, not to provide these data to third parties or companies and to use them strictly for the use of the business relationship between the customer and SC EBS CINEMA SERVICES SRL.

SC EBS Cinema Services SRL certifies that it will respect the rights conferred by Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regarding to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data, of Law no. 365/2002 on electronic commerce, as of Ordinance no. 130/2000 on the protection of consumers in the conclusion and execution of distance contracts with subsequent amendments.

Your personal data can be used by SC EBS Cinema Services SRL to confirm your orders, inform you by e-mail, post or other means of communication about further actions, making statistical reports, etc.

This site uses security measures against the loss, alteration or misuse of the information under our control. Your personal data may be forwarded to law enforcement authorities for the purpose of verifying commercial transactions or other lawful authorities to perform any legitimate verification under the law.

SC EBS Cinema Services SRL undertakes to respect your rights conferred by Law 677/2001, and upon your request sent to Str. Zaharia Stancu, no. 1, Coresi Shopping Resort, Cinema One Brasov undertakes to: rectify, update, block or delete, free of charge, the data whose processing does not comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data; stop processing your personal data.

SC EBS Cinema Services SRL is listed in the register of personal data operators at 36053.

Thank you for understanding!




Terms and conditions of using the content of the website

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By using the site and / or any of the services provided, is considered that you have read, understood and fully accepted the terms and conditions of use of the site.

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Once you’ve registered on the site, you give to S.C. EBS CINEMA SERVICES S.R.L the right to use the data you provided with the registration on the site for own advertising and promotional campaigns and its partners.

The information on this site provides details about the weekly schedule of films that can be seen at Cinema One Brasov, about the films that follow, competitions, awards and other cinematographic information.

To access our web site, a user is not required to sign up. However, in order to benefit from certain services (reservation and purchase of tickets) it is necessary for the user to register.



Article 1 Organizer- Operator Identity- Purpose of Processing

This Loyalty Program is organized and carried out by EBS CINEMA SERVICES SRL, represented by Florin Maftei, headquartered in Brasov, Zaharia Stancu Nr.1, Brasov County, Registry Number: J40 / 3806/2014, Unique Registration Code: RO 32988801, having the number of database operator NR. 36053 awarded by the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing to provide loyalty points according to the Organizer’s policy, for marketing actions, electronic communications services as well as for statistical purposes.

By obtaining and using the Loyalty Card (hereinafter referred to as the “Card”), the participants agree to participate in the Loyalty Program under the conditions laid down in these Official Rules. The Official Regulation is also available for consultation, free of charge, to any participant, in the Cinema One location and on

Article 2 Terms of Participation


Any person aged 14 may enter in the possession of the Cinema One loyalty card. Issuing the card is only made after filling in the Loyalty Program registration form.


Participants are required to fill in all the fields included in the application form presented in Annex 1, inclusive: last name, first name, date of birth, phone number and e-mail address as the case, to sign the form (in the case of the physical form), and also to tick the two options:


I agree that Cinema One will process my personal data for issuing the fidelity card;

I agree to the Cinema One Card Terms and Conditions;

Enrollment forms are available in physical form at Cinema One info point, Zaharia Stancu Nr.1, Brasov – Coresi Shopping Resort Cinema One, and online at

Cinema One Card and all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in connection with the card remain the property of EBS Cinema Services SRL.

Cinema One accepts complaints about Cinema One Card, but only accompanied by the receipt for the products purchased using the fidelity card.

In case of a dispute, Cinema One’s decision is final.

Article 3 Getting the Cinema One fidelity card

Cinema One Card is a non-bank card with magnetic tape, intended solely for use by the Holder to pay for the products available at the cinema, using the accumulated loyalty points.

Each card has a unique serial number so that, if it is lost, stolen or damaged, based on minimum identification data of the applicant (last name, first name and date of birth), it allows its suspension or replacement.

Everyone is entitled to a single loyalty card. EBS Cinema Services SRL employees can not be holders of this type of card.

The card will be released within 5 business days and it will be picked up from the Cinema One location.


Cinema One will keep the applicant’s card for a period of 20 business days and reserves the right to disable it if the person who requested it does not raise it within this period. In the latter case, issuing a new Fidelity Card involves completing a new Card Cinema One application form by the applicant.

The loyalty points are valid for one year, after which they are automatically canceled.


Article 4 Benefits – The CINEMA ONE fidelity card offers the following benefits:


Cinema One Card is the way Cinema One rewards all its loyal customers. With your shopping in the cinema and online (mobile app and, you accumulate points that can later be turned into products, except for movie tickets.

Be one of the Cinema One Card holders and you will enjoy its benefits from its first uses. We turn all your shopping into points so you can use them inside our cinema. For every 10 lei you pay, you will accumulate 1 point (Ex: 50 lei = 5 points).

For every 10 lei spent (on tickets / concession products) a point will be added to the client card. Therefore, the points will accrue according to the amount spent in the transactions. The value of an accumulated point is 1 (one) leu. No points are awarded for fractions of less than 10 paid in full, all prices being minus. Thus, if the customer buys products worth 76 lei, he will accumulate 7 loyalty points.

You can accumulate up to 40 points a day by presenting your loyalty card before the transaction ends.

Cinema One reserves the right to cancel the points for transactions that have subsequently been canceled.

Come on your birthday at Cinema One, and the points for this day’s transactions will double.


Article 5 Use of the card


The card can be used at the Cinema One location to buy products, except for movie tickets. If the cardholder does not have the card at his / her acquisition, he / she cannot benefit from the above mentioned benefits. In order to use the points, the cardholder will have to notify when he purchases the products that he is a fidelity card holder.

The card is personal and non-transferable, the cardholder assuming full responsibility for any potential problem with the use of the card by others.

In order to verify the identity of the holder, Cinema One employees reserve the right to request the presentation of an identity document.

Only one card can be valid for a transaction.

The number of accumulated points and the transaction history can be consulted at the ticket offices in the cinema, based on the loyalty card or on the My Cinema account online, if the login to the account was made with the same email address on which the card was issued fidelity.

The customer can spend the points by acquiring only concession products, within the limits of the points available on the card. These products will have a value in lei and a value in points, the cardholders having the possibility of paying the total with loyalty points.

In order to purchase a product, the cardholder can pay with loyalty points and the difference up to the total price of the product can be paid in cash and / or by bank card, depending on the customer’s option.

Points cannot be exchanged in money, are not transferable and can only be accrued for transactions made directly into the cinema.

EBS Cinema Services SRL reserves the right to immediately cancel a card in the following cases:


If the cardholder violates any of the rules specified in this Regulation;

If the cardholder has been evacuated from the cinema due to inappropriate behavior;

If the cardholder used Cinema One Card fraudulently


Article 6 Loss, theft or destruction of the card


If a fidelity card has been damaged, stolen or lost, its owner must notify within 48 hours Cinema One at e-mail address at the Marketing Department’s attention, otherwise by assuming the full responsibility for the illegal use of the card. Based on the identification data provided when the card is purchased, the lost card will be canceled and replaced with a new card. Points on the lost card at the time of cancellation will be transferred to the new card, which will be transferred to the holder on the basis of an identity document.

With that notice, the Cardholder’s name, address, and other identification data will be communicated. A participant who loses a Card or his card is stolen is entitled to a new card.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel at any time any card after a period of 12 months of non-use, as well as cards that have been used in breach of the provisions of this Regulation or legal provisions.


Article 7 Duration of the loyalty program

Loyalty program is indefinite, Cinema One may decide at any time to stop the loyalty program. The notice of the cessation of the program will be communicated at least 5 working days before the end of the program, at the Cinema One location in a visible place and on

Article 8 Amendment of the Regulation

Cinema One reserves the right to modify or update this regulation and undertakes that such changes will be made public at the Cinema One location and on the website five working days before the changes made take effect.

Article 9 Customer Service

For information on the fidelity card (obtaining, using or renewing, etc.) please write to us at in the attention of the Marketing Department.

Article 10 Processing of Personal Data

The Organizer processes personal data on applicants (“Personal Data”) for the purpose of issuing the fidelity card and contacting the cardholder further in situations related to functionality, renewal or communication of other relevant information about the use of the Loyalty Card, based on the free consent expressed by the applicant at the time of filling in the Loyalty Card Request Form.

Personal Data will be collected and processed in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). More details about the purposes and legality of the processing, as well as about the rights of the data subjects, can be found in the dedicated section of the site:


The data to be processed from the cardholders is those completed in the card request form. The information shall be collected by automatic means or by manual means, subject to all security and protection restrictions imposed by the legislation in force.

The Organizer has implemented certain security measures to ensure the confidentiality of the information in its database in accordance with the security standards required by the relevant legislation.

In relation to the processing of Personal Data and in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), any participant may exercise any of the following rights:

Right to Access Personal Data – to obtain free of charge from SC EBS CINEMA SERVICES SRL a confirmation that personal data is processed or not, under the terms of Article 15 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

Right to data rectification – Right of the person concerned to request the correction of inaccurate data relating to him, in accordance with Article 16 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), free of charge.

The right to delete the processed data – you have the right to request free of charge for EBS CINEMA SERVICES SRL, deleting the personal data concerning you and SC EBS CINEMA SERVICES SRL has the obligation to delete your personal data in any of the following situations -the personal data are not necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed – the withdrawal of the consent on the basis of which they were processed – the personal data were processed illegally, according to Art. 17 of the EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

The right to request SC EBS CINEMA SERVICES SRL the restriction the processing of personal data – you have the right to obtain from us the restriction of the processing of personal data in the following cases – the inaccurate processing-  the illegal processing – of the exercise of the right to opposition, under Art. 18 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

The data portability right – is the right to receive the personal data that concerns you and that you have provided us by expressing your consent, in the structure we currently use and at the same time you have the possibility to transmit these data to another the operator, you can ask the transmission of these data directly from us to the other operator, if technically possible, in accordance with Article 20 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

The Right to Opposition – Represents the right of the person concerned to oppose at any time, free of charge, such processing, including the creation of profiles, in accordance with Article 21 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

The right to address a complaint to the Surveillance Authority if it considers that the processing of personal data violates EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

Participants have the right to withdraw at any time and consent to the processing of personal data, without the withdrawal compromising the lawfulness of the processing under consent, up to those dates.


As regards personal data, the participants have the opportunity to exercise any of the above mentioned rights, by means of a written claim, dated and signed, addressed to the Organizer at the address in Braşov, Zaharia Stancu Street, No. 1 – Incinta Complex Coresi Shopping, Jud. Brasov or to the e-mail address


In the application form, the participant may indicate whether the desired information is communicated to a specific address, which may also be electronic mail or a courier service that only provides personal handed mail.

By completing the Cinema One Card form, the participants express their express consent to the observance of the terms and conditions of this Official Regulation and to the registration of personal data in EBS CINEMA SERVICES S.R.L. for the above stated purpose.

At the same time, the participants confirm that they have been informed of their personal data to be stored, processed and used and that they agree that such personal data will be processed and used within the specified limits on the duration of the Organizer’s activity. The personal data requested through the application form are binding.

Refusing to provide the requested data through the enrollment form results in the failure to issue the fidelity card. If the owner of the Cinema One card wishes to delete personal data from Operator records from the time of deletion, the Loyalty Card will be deactivated and its owner will no longer be able to use it in the Cinema One.

The data requested in the application form is not transferred abroad.


Article 11 Litigation

Any disputes arising between the parties to this Official Regulation shall be settled amicably, and if that is not possible, they shall be settled by the competent courts of law.

EBS Cinema Services SRL reserves the right to amend or improve this Regulation whenever it deems necessary, without prior notice.

Only on the day of the loyalty card release (September 27, 2015), Cinema One offered 20 fidelity points to customers who requested the release of the Cinema One Card at that date.


Rules for Selling Tickets in the Orange Film Program / The type of tickets to be issued


Orange Film tickets are available under the terms and conditions set forth by Orange Romania, in accordance with the ” Terms and Conditions ” –


The Orange film program is valid for all Wednesday’s public film screenings.

After validating the Orange film ticket, the client will pay for one ticket and receive two tickets.

A person can have only one Orange ticket per transaction.

Only Orange tickets received by written message from 241 will be accepted.

The Orange Film Free Ticket will be issued for the same movie and time slot as for the one paid.

For each Orange paid movie ticket is valid only one free entry / client / week.

For Orange film tickets, the terms and conditions for buying, selling and entry are standard cinema apply

Certain partner cinemas reserve the right not to sell certain premium tickets in the Orange Film program. Please check the terms and conditions for the sale of tickets for the cinema you want to go to.


In addition, Cinema One Brasov mentions the following standard sale rules and the type of tickets that can be issued on Wednesday under the Orange Film program:

When purchasing and paying a ticket through the Orange Film Program, the customer will receive a second free ticket.

Tickets issued, priced and free of charge will have the seats designated to be occupied by customers.


The cost of the issued ticket will always be in the category / ticket price of the worst applicable fare between the two customers requesting the ‘Orange Film Free Ticket’:

In order to apply the reduced student / retiree / child rate, both the ticket office and the entrance to the cinema will be required for the documents on the basis of which the discount is applied – in the case of non-attendance, the cinema staff reserves the right to does not allow access to the room